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We are Sabine and Stefan and since 2003 we lead with lots of love and responsibility the cattery of the “Leopardcats Bengals” (previous name: "Of Wildsafari"). We live in Aachen, a city which is located near cologne. We´ve always been thrilled by several animals and since I was a child, the big wild cats, if only on TV or in a zoo have fascinated me.

Marcus has had cats as child and our first common cat was our beautiful Housecat “Rocky”, who also live with us.

I saw some Bengals live at a cat show, their wild and exotic look and their lovely character filled me with enthusiasm. Since the first day I saw them, it was certain for me, that I want also such an adorable cat. I set at my PC and tried to find out all about Bengals that was possible.

It wasn´t easy, because here in Germany were only few breeders and no book about Bengals in German language. So I bought 2 books from the USA, spent my free time in the internet and visited some breeders. After long and abundant informations I´ve decided to import our stunning “DK* TROLLSPOTTING RAVENNA” from Denmark. Till today, we don´t want to miss any day with her and we are very happy to have her. Bengals are indeed a special one of all breeds. Since 2003 our Ravenna lives with us. She is a very nice, smart, intelligent and affectionate girl and was always a very caring mother to her kittens. She has had some very beautiful kittens with our boy Xtreme. You can have a look at her kittens in our Gallery. Ravenna has earned the title Grand European Champion on the 16th October 2004. (Meanwhile Ravenna is spayed and enjoys the pampered pet life here with us :o)   )

On 2nd August 2004 we have bought our new Bengal boy home “US* WORLDCHAMPION MAINSTREET´S XTREME” from Debbie Corns & Rick Corns (USA – California). Xtreme is absolutely breathtaking and a real stunner!!! He has sired some very amazing kittens for us. We love Xtreme very much, because he´s not only looking very beautiful – he has an absolutely fabulous purrsonality! Xtreme does inherit very much of his lovely attributes to his kittens. He has earned the title World Champion on the 4th July 2006 :o) ! ! !

2008 we have imported our adorable "SGC MAINSTREET WURTHY LADY" ( aka "Samba") from our dear friend Debbie Corns/USA and we have fullfilled a very special dream with her. She has really excelled our expectation and her character is just to melt away. 2009 "Samba" got as first and only Bengalcat in Germany the rare title "Supreme Grand Champion" (TICA) - meanwhile there is a 2nd Bengal which has the same title and this is our "SGC Leopardcats Wasabi" which is a granddaugther of Samba :o) . Samba has given us amazing offspring - which are also sold to breeder friends for their programs.

From our first litter with "SGC Mainstreet Wurthy Lady" and our stud "World Ch. Mainstreet Xtreme" we have kept our amazing  "DGC LEOPARDCATS XTREME´S MASTERPIECE" ("Coco") and we´re more than proud that we have bred such a breathtaking, wild looking and affectionate girl our own. Coco has also given us stunning offspring and she´s like her mom a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG enrichment for our cattery.

Offspring from our two great girls can be seen in our Gallery and if you click the button "Nachzucht".


We breed with very high ethical policy. The health of our cats is always on 1st position!!!

All of our breeding cats are screened regularly for HCM (only from a verfied cardiologist ECVIM), are checked from a specialist against PRA and they´re of course tested FIV, FelV and FIP negative. In addition to that, our breeding cats are PK-Defiziens negative.

Our Bengals are coming from TOP lines and are (besides their stunning look) all very human related and cuddly, because we spend most of our freetime with our cats and kittens.

Althoug we don´t have many cats, we contribute our efforts in continuing to develop this astonishing breed.

We breed Bengals in the traditional brown color, in spotted, rosetted and sometimes in marbled. Our cats are full family members and can run to our whole flat – also Xtreme. We want to expressly distance ourselves from cage-holding cats!!!!!!!!!!!!

It´s important for us to use queens and studs, which are healthy and fits the standard best. Also important for us is the lovely and affectionate character of our cats, which they will transmit to their kittens.

We are original members of IG-BENGAL (Schwitzerland) and TICA-Schweiz. And are a Q´Cat© certified Cattery. Also we are proud members of TIBCS and TICA in USA.


Our Breeding goals:

  • healthy and typey kittens
  • wild exotic look & affectionate loving purrsonality
  • a short and silky coat
  • dramatic markings/rosettes
  • extreme contrast
  • Goldglitter

Breeding goals change from time to time, because it´s not possible to reach all in one time

At the moment we´re very focused on bettering the type of the Bengals, because it´s often a drawback.

This means for us:

 * a VERY strong, solid Bodystructure

* a straight to convexe profile

* a strong chin

* small ears

! ! ! We breed Bengals for Original TICA-Standard ! ! !




We breed Bengals because we love them and we want them to enlarge, we want to provide information to people interested in Bengals and we want to help to promote the Bengal as breed.

We love our cats very much and if we don´t use them anymore for breeding they will be staying by us their whole lives as neutered cats.       

Obvious we take our Bengals to international cat shows (TICA), so we hear different opinions and judgements from judges, win titles and to show them for spectators, because they are much more beautiful if you see them live!!!



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