The goal in breeding Bengals is to breed a cat which resembles  a small leopard, but has the loving personality of a domestic cat. The Bengal cat today isnīt wild or aggressive, they can be kept in the house like all other domestic breeds too.

Bengals have a unique character, which makes them a very special breed. If I should describe them in one sentence, I would  say: “ They are very active and playful but also (if well socialized and grown up with lotīs of human contact) very very affectionate and with loving dispositions and also very outgoing purrsonalities.”

Bengals love to play and also very exclusive. Who only wants to have a little leopard for decoration of his livingroom, for someone like this – a Bengal isnīt suitable!!!!!!!!!!!

Bengals are extremely intelligent and curious cats, to play with his human and catfriends is an important thing in their live. Whoīs working, should have a second cat (that mustnīt be a Bengal).

For people with childrens, a Bengal is very suitable, because they always wants to play. A Bengal wants to play her whole live in opposite to many other breeds.

Because they are extremely intelligent, a Bengal can learn to retrieve, open doors, drawers or watertops. They are simple to educate and also can learn some tricks, because they love to learn.

Water has attractive power to the most Bengals. This is because of their wild ancestors, which set their excrementes and urine in the water, to let not trail for other animals. 

As I said, most Bengals love water. They love for example to drink from the watertop. If you put a little basin for your Bengal, it will splash. Itīs most attractive if you put a  toy like a ball or something in it, be sure your Bengal will go fishing :o)!!! Some Bengals also like to take a shower with their owners.



Most Bengals likes to talk. Hereīs again an opposite to other breeds, because Bengals use more vocals than others.

Who has a Bengal getīs very day new surprised, itīs never boring!!! A Bengal should have the possibility to move and climb. Bengals also like to jump very high. This is because their hindlegs are slightly higher than their frontlegs – so they can jump better than most other breeds.


"Trollspotting Ravenna"  pictured at her most loving

         hobby * JUMPING* to get an impression how high

         Bengals can jump :o)



Likewise to admire is the gentle character of a Bengal. They are (if optimal reared) very affectionate and soft-soap cats) and understand how to charme their humans – though purring loudly, trample and “giving head” they request their humans to cuddle.

Even this combination of active and vivacious, but also gentle and with loving personality cat make the Bengal for us soooo special ! ! !

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