Our girls that will be mated in summer 2017:

Daddy will be announced

                               RW SGC Leopardcats 2 Good 2 B True  ("Krümel")    X        

Both cats are currently screened HCM and PKD negativ.

Both are also PK Defiziens N/N and PRA N/N + PRA N/Pra (kittens won´t be affected)

"RW SGC Leopardcats 2 Good 2 B True" (aka: Krümel) - was Overall Kitten winner @ Belgium On Safari 2013

- Krümel placed BEST CAT in every of the 3 congresses + additional awards:

* BEST BENGAL KITTEN as "President Choice"

* Best Bengal Kitten Whisker Pads

* Best Bengal Kitten Body

* Best Bengal Kitten Profile

* Best Snow Bengal Kitten

* Best Bengal Kitten female

* BEST Bengal Kitten


Daddy will be announced

                      DGC Leopardcats Im Sexy And I Know It ("Cookie")  X       

Both cats are currently screened HCM and PKD negativ.

Both are also PK Defiziens N/N and PRA N/N.

Cookie´s awards from the Belgium On Safari 2015:
* Breeder´s choice Best Adult Whiskerpads
* Breeder´s choice Best Adult Profile
* Breeder´s choice Best Adult Head
* Breeder´s choice Wildest Looking Adult

Cookie is full sister of famous "LA IW SGC Leopardcats Tao Tao"




! ! ! Our litter has been born on 13th March 2013 ! ! !



SGC Mainstreet Wurthy Lady


IW SGC Spice Red Hot Chili Pepper (im Besitz von Boris Ehret)


Samba & Krümel :


Sambas Babies has delivered her litter on the 13th March  2013.

Unfortunately we can´t say this time that it was an easy birth for our SUPER-Mom Samba :o(

After nearly 10 years of breeding this was a real horrible experience. Actually I can´t explain all . . .

The most important at this time is that we´re VERY glad that nothing happened to Samba and that we now have 1 VERY SPECIAL little female kitten from "Samba" x "Red Hot" and that Mom and daughter are doing both VERY WELL :o)

Our little "Krümel" (how we call the little female) was completely bottle raised, because Samba had not enough milk after the c-section. Every 2 hours (of course also at night) she became her bottle.

Samba is like always a VERY caring and loving mom and is so happy with her little Krümel.

Meanwhile Krümel is eating on her own and has gained weight so very well that she´s really big and fat :o)

She´s actually 6 weeks and 840g!!!

It´s a real wonder that our Krümel has survived, but she´s a very great fighter :o)

She has started purring and cuddling very early and we´re more than happy to have her!!!

Also regarding the color Krümel is VERY special, because we needed to wait nearly 10 years


Krümel is a snow-Bengal :o) :o) :o)

We will publish her development on this site.

MANY THANKS to ALL that helped us through these hard hours and to all that crossed their fingers for our little darling and Samba!




"KRÜMEL" @ 6 weeks

- photographed from Mrs. Haase (MANY THANKS again to Nadine for these beautiful pic´s)


please click on the pic´s to enlarge


"KRÜMEL" @ 5 weeks


please click on the pic´s to enlarge


"KRÜMEL" @ 4 weeks


please click on the pic´s to enlarge


"KRÜMEL" @ 3 weeks


please click on the pic´s to enlarge


 "KRÜMEL" @ 16 days


Von diesen Bildern sind leider einige unscharf, aber Krümel hat so süß geschmust

und getretelt  und deshalb wollen wir diese Bilder als besondere Erinnerung veröffentlichen


please click on the pic´s to enlarge


"KRÜMEL" @ 2 weeks


please click on the pic´s to enlarge


"KRÜMEL" @ 12 days


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"KRÜMEL" @ 5 days


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If you are interested in a kitten from our litters - please inquire for details . . . . . . or per phone 0049 (0)241/1894545

or mobile 0049 (0) 1577 6625284



! ! ! Kittens from our previous litter can be seen if you click on the button "Gallery"




 We breed Bengals in spotted, rosetted and sometimes in marbled.


If you are interested in finding out what kittens we have available, please check out our availability list. You can call us by phone or also write a email.

If there s a kitten on the list that sounds like what you are looking for, contact us and we will send you current pic´s of that kitten. Or if you don´t see what you´re looking for, let us know what you want and we will notify you if we get a kitten that fits your requirements.

Our kittens are priced according to quality, those that most fitting the standard are considered to be SHOW QUALITY KITTENS. These kittens have the best markings, pattern, coloration and confirmation are our “show quality kittens” and therefore our most expensive. A show quality kitten don´t means that success on a show is guaranteed, this isn´t possible.

Kittens of show quality are cats, which we would  show if we would hold it back for ourselves.

Kittens purchased for breeding must be good examples of the Bengal and have the potential (because of their pedigree) to produce top quality offspring. These BREEDER QUALITY KITTENS have also correct color and type , but may have slight flaws which would not permit them to be shown. Perhaps they have some ribstripes, or maybe their contrast is not as flashy as would be necessary for showing. But again, this is our opinion, if we would hold such kitten. It could also be possible that a Breeder is successful at shows.

PET QUALITY KITTENS may be as beautiful as the more expensive kittens, often they will have the potential to be SHOW QUALITY KITTENS. But we reduce the price if the new owners do not intend to breed their Bengal. We prefer to sell our kittens as pets, because this is the best life for any cat and we love to see our babies go into homes, where we know they will be treasured family members.

Some pet kittens might have faults that are undesirable in breeding programs, but still have most traits, that makes the Bengal so unique.

We also sell kittens as BREEDER and also as SHOW QUALITY if we get the impression, that the people are nice, responsible, serious and will love their cats.


Our Kittens:


Our kittens are lovely home raised and can use (like our other cats) our whole flat. Because we handle them daily, they are very affectionate and have loving purrsonalitys. What´s missed on socializing till a kitten is 4 months old is hardly make up for later. Therefore its very important for us, that our kittens can participate on our daily events.

We let kittens go to their new homes at about 13-14 weeks of age, because only now they are completely vaccinated and well socialized with their mother and littermates. This time is very important for a kitten, because by this they get firm in their character and sociality and own cat-personalitys. Also the contact to humans is very important at this time.

We don´t have special times where we have litters. We have litters year round. You can contact us any time by phone or email.

Our kittens and adult cats are regular vet checked.


Vaccination of our breeding cats


Health Plan of our kittens

Our kittens are dewormed the first time at 3 weeks of age and than all 14 days again

At 8 weeks of age, they are getting their 1st vaccination (after a vet check)  against Panleucopenia and Respiratory Viral Diseease

With 12 weeks of age they are getting their 2nd vaccination (described above)

NEWS: The manufacturers of the vaccinations recommend now a 3rd vaccination against Panleucopenia and Respiratory Viral Disease with 16-18 weeks ! ! !

Our Bengals are fed a pure top quality diet to provide optimum nutrition for different stages of live.



Our kittens will bring the following things with them when leaving our home:

* 4 generation Pedigree

* 2 Vaccinations against Panleucopenia and Respiratory Viral Disease

* 5 time deworming

* A detailed information map and food for the first days in their new home

* a actuall written health certificate from our vet

* a FeLV/FIV negative Test

* a Q´Cat© certificate

* Microchip (optional)



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