Gr.Eur.Ch. DK "TROLLSPOTTING RAVENNA" born 05th july 03 



Ravenna´s parents:


Ravennas mother "TROLLSPOTTING TIRAMISU" Breeder & Owner: Annette Lerche Trolle (Dänemark)


Ravennas father "CH. CHEETAHSDEN FUTURAMA" Breeder: Pam Knowles / Owner: Annette Lerche Trolle













Ravenna in March 2005:

She enjoyes the first sun :o)



Ravenna in September 2005


Ravenna in August 2006



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Ravenna is a very type Bengal. She has a wonderful light organge-golden coat with excellent spots and some rosettes without any ripbar. Ravenna has much glitter and golden shine, which let her look like she´s dusted with goldpowder. She has an excellent coat, which is very short, fine, soft and silky to the touch. Ravenna´s eyes have a wonderful green color and a very good form. She has very nice large eyes. She has very nice mascara markings, which gives her head a special look. Ravenna is a sleek cat with a long and very muscular torso. Especially nice are her terrific big spots and the extreme contrast to her basecolor. She also has spotted legs ! ! ! Her light creme belly also stays in contrast to her coat. Also Ravenna´s tail is very nice sized and thick.                                                       

Besides her wonderful phenotyp, Ravenna fascinates because of her unique character. She is a very active and vivacious girl, which loves to play the whole day. In opposite to this, she´s extremely affectionate, talks a lot and is a big soft-soap girl. Where I´m, there also Ravenna must be, - often she reminds me on a dog - :o) ! ! !

Ravenna has a lot of typical characteristics of Bengals and this is very important for us. Ravenna does transmit her active and human related character to her offspring and is a very good mother. Ravenna is out of a healthy, in Germany not enlarged bloodline. Ravenna´s kittens can be seen in our Gallery and her two daugthers Leopardcats Special Impact and Leopardcats Lucky Strike are our new upcomming girls for our further breeding program and pic´s of them can be seen @ Queens.

Besides the very sweet and affectionate character Ravenna also transmit special phenotypical attributes to her kittens, for example an extreme contrast, a very nice, soft and short coat with loads of Glitter. Also her spotted legs, can often be seen on her Kittens, as also her nice thick tail and her very BIIIIG eyes.

Althoug Ravenna is now 3 years old, she´s looking absolutely faboulos and has kept her extreme Contrast! ! !



Ravenna is also tested negative for FIP, FIV und FELV ! ! !


Many thanks once more to Annette Trolle from Denmark for this wonderful girl, which makes us sooooo happy ! ! !  :o)







PICTURE: OUr Dreamteam - Rocky & Ravenna sleeping together :o)


On 08.07.02 our beautiful housecat Rocky was born in Belgium. As we decided to buy our first common cat and looked at the newspaper, we called his breeder and maked a date to visit the kittens.

Normally, we wanted a female, but Rocky was the beautifullest and most outgoing kitten from this litter and touched us with his Charme. So we tooked Rocky on 07.09.02 home with us.

Rocky has a very nice character, he loves to cuddle and is very affectionate - if we only speak to him he starts purring to show how he loves us. Naturally, Rocky loves to sleep in our bed, like Ravenna. Rocky loves to play and run with Ravenna, but also cuddling with her - Rocky groomes Ravenna till she´s totally wet - a absolutely dreamteam. Rockys hobbys are to play hide & seek and driving in a cardboard box. You don´t know cardboard box driving?????????????? In our flat, we have laminate and if I give the cats sometimes a cardboard box to play with, Rocky directly jumpes in - Marcus is at one end of our living room and I´m on the other side and than we shift the cardboard box round-trip. He loves that!!! :o)

Currently Rocky is neutered and a very big boy with 7,5 kg. As companionship, Rocky visits 3 shows, where he got directly Champion and in spite of competition he got 2 BEST VARIETY (he won 2 cups as best housecat).

Yes . . . . . . . . our Rocky is a "gorgeous boy" (citation of a judge), but he don´t like to be shown and so his career won´t be continued. But exactly this we admire on our "fatty" - he has his own will and we also know without judges, that Rocky is the best housecat in the world!!! :o)







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